the FISH

Bonneville Seabase is home to an abundant amount of marine life.  From the tiny mollies to the 50-pound grouper, from the paper thin Lookdown Jacks to the stodge mullet, Seabase has fish of all shapes and sizes. During your exploring you can find a variety of Angel fish, Groupers, Grunts, Tangs, and Rabbit fish, butterfly fish, mullet, pork fish, monos, bannerfish,tiny bamboo sharks, hawkfish, snappers, spots, shrimp, tunicates and much more. Come out to Seabase and find out why so many people enjoy exploring the underwater realm.


                                  RIP, nurse sharks

     We are sad to announce the death of our beautiful large           

    old nurse sharks.  They lived longer than predicted, but we

     will  miss them.  They were very instrumental in showing          people who love the water, that sharks are not terrible                    creatures, and hopefully helped everyone who met them to

       want to protect sharks instead of hurting them -


  The angelfish and groupers, porkfish, butterfly fish, and others

are all doing very well.

As sorry as we are to be without sharks at Seabase, it might  

    turn into an opportunity to see our little slower and colorful

    fish thrive.  As we evolve, please visit and see what is