"Interesting Geology, amazing biology"

If we had a dollar for every scientist and expert who told us ocean life wouldn't, couldn't survive here, we would be rich. In view of the variety of fish here, it is obvious that it is the unique conditions of Seabase that allow the fish to survive, but only here, as the sole outlet turns to a stream of ever increasing salinity or temperature until it dries up in the desert. Nowhere else could they live, but  the ocean.

At  Seabase, we have created separate places to dive, test your skill, train and be at awe. White Rocks Bay, Habitat Bay, The Trench and the Abyss

White Rock Bay is the premier place to see our fish.  With multiple warm springs here, the water is warmer than Habitat Bay and The Trench. During the winter months, the fish swarm here to stay warm and give divers the best chance to see the bulk of the life here.

Habitat Bay is named for the underwater habitat that used to be filled with air, giving   SCUBA diversa chance to speak with a buddy under the water. It is gone, but there  is a sunken boat that can be used for training and platforms which are the perfect depth for open water training-at 24', they adjust for altitude, to the equivalent of 33' dives, where you can test your skills.

The trench is a fairly shallow area where we let  Seabase be natural.  The waters here are rich with fauna and natural biology of the springs and have enough length to practice your fin kicks, or get exercise.

Lastly there is the Abyss. built for deep water training, it is a great place to test your bouyancy skills and observe altitude and at depth conditions. While actually 62 feet deep, it is altitude adjusted to 84 feet! This is a great place to learn about your safety stops, the importance of buddy diving and night and limited visibility skills.