October 27th, 2016

Another amazing week here at the Seabase!

It was busy last week with students doing their open water assessments and some underwater pumpkin carving!

Habitat bay seems to still be on the cooling trend, and while this makes diving there a bit chillier, the fish have mostly moved to White Rocks bay where it is warmer. It is hard not to see a lot of fish there and if you bring a bag of food, you are sure to be swarmed!   Keep your fingers in close and watch as the life of Seabase comes to you.

 Halloween is right around the corner, and October 22nd saw our annual underwater pumpkin carve.  With a dive knife and pumpkin, these divers were able to show us your skills and win  cool prizes, like dive computers, masks, dive bags, shirts, hats, etc.  Young Z. Zoun was busy keeping things in order, and the day was a success.  Entry fee was free, and a lot of people made it fun. Come join us for the next fun day, and hopefully, meet some new dive partners.

This weekend, our wonderful friends from Casper are busy with classes, and they do small groups at a time, are easy to work around-c'mon out!

We hope you are all doing well! Keep blowing bubbles!