June, 2017 We were open every day in July, and will be again 1n 2018, with a reservation!!! call 435-884-3874, to be sure the gate will be open.

We will be open every day during July, but will require an appointment, so be sure to tell us when you are coming our way.  Hours of operation will be 9 til 3 on weekdays, and 8 til 4 on Saturdays and Sundays.

On September 9th, the Shine Fest people will be doing a lantern festival at Seabase- you need to book it with them online.  We will be open to the public for diving and snorkeling, but just until 4PM, and the Fest will be after that and  is a different issue-get your tickets before the price goes up!  I understand that mermaids will be swimming around in Seabase before the lantern party!

  1. note that there are other companies that put on lantern festivals-check their track record, as they seem to have poor business practices.