December 29th, 2016

As this year comes to a cold end, there is a new year to look forward to.  Meanwhile, there are some changes to Seabase this year, and one is the erection of a huge solar array.  The solar company told us that by using solar, we are saving the environment 126,582 pounds of Carbon dioxide emissions from going into the atmosphere each year, and are providing the equivalent of planting 1382 trees per year.   

We have loyal divers who brought out Christmas decorations-and installed a Christmas tree in the bottom of Habitat Bay-(raise your hands if you saw it this year) and with the great vis, dress up in your warmest wetsuit and come on out-the fish are easy to find, as they hang around the warm vents, and we provide free fish food to take down to feed them during the cold months.

We are still open every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but please make a phone call or email us some notice that you are coming!

  Happy New Years, all of you!

                    Linda, George, Ron, Selin and Lynda Lou.