Welcome to Bonneville Seabase  


In the deserts of western Utah, there are secrets beyond imagination.

 Bonneville Seabase is one of those secrets.  Located 40 miles west of Salt Lake City on the outskirts of Granstville, there is a natural phenomenon where spring water rising through the ancient lake bed of Bonneville becomes almost 3% saltwater. At the salinity of the ocean, the water wells up as warm springs, and with the addition of ocean fish, an inland ocean was formed for SCUBA and snorkeling.

Scuba divers and snorkelers are welcomed to come and explore the depths. With a little patience, you will see what lies beneath the surface of our little inland sea.


The Fish

Bonneville Seabase is home to a wide variety of fish than can only live in the Seabase pools... or the ocean.  Click below to learn more of what you might find in this unique habitat.

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The Bays

It all started as a place to teach diving, but it became so much more! Come learn about unique geology that comes together to form Bonneville Seabase.

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