Here you can find out about people's experiences while diving at Bonneville Seabase. If you have been Snorkeling or Diving at Seabase Lately we welcome your comments. Just use our email address which is ( info at seabase dot net).  to send us your comments.


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 April 2013

Dear Seabase staff,
>> Thank you for our great dive trip last Saturday. Myself, my husband, and my brother and his wife had a really good trip there.
>> As newly certified divers, we were looking for somewhere to practice diving and this was really good for us. We all feel more confident and more excited about diving.
>> We had a really good time, thanks in a large part to the helpfulness of the Seabase staff. Thanks for your help choosing equipment and weights, for all the tips, and your kind and friendly attitude.
>> I especially appreciated the tips on handling the decreased visibility, which I was very nervous about. And the tips on feeding the fish, which was a huge thrill for me.
>> And I especially want to thank the kind gentleman who helped my brother and I find the sharks.
>> "Petting" those magnificent animals was an awesome experience! Thank you for everything. You guys were great and we had a wonderful day!
>> Joy Hopper from Santaquin, Utah



Dear Seabase,

My dad and I just came back from a dive at your bays and it was AMAZING!!! It was a little spooky descending because you werent used to the visibility, but once you got to the bottom, you got used to it. I reccomend Habitat Bay the most, because it has an air-filled chamber at about 10ft under to talk to your buddy. The habitat bay also has a "sunken" ship for you to explore, which adds excitement and suspence to your dive! I didnt seem to find the sharks sitting down, but right as i finished my descent, the shark swam right past me, which made me pretty much scream like a girl. I didnt get to make it to the abyss, but i heard that it was very fun. White rocks bay was nice with lots of big fish, as same with habitat bay.
Overall, I STRONGLY reccoment habitat bay for the visibility, the warmth, and the fish.
Thank you seabase for a great dive, we will come back soon!
-Warren and Logan


  On 02-16-08 and 02-17-08 my wife and I went diving at Seabase.  The purpose of our dive was for REFTRA (Refresher Training) and to check our equipment.  The visibility was about twelve feet in the White rocks and Habitat bays and about two feet in the Abyss.  The water temperature in White rocks was about 68 Habitat was about 64 and the Abyss was 78.  White rocks and Habitat were a little cold for us and we were not prepared for those temperatures.  However the staff at Seabase had the equipment available to keep us warm if we wanted to use it.

            On Saturday we arrived a little before 8:00 A.M. , in time to watch Lynn feed the fish.  The sand sharks were feeling shy so we didn't get to see them eat.  We rented wetsuits, weights, and tanks.  I found the equipment we rented to be in good condition.  We also watched an informative video about Seabase that I thought was very well done.  They have an area in the main building that can be used for class room instruction or to eat your lunch.  It was well heated and the staff is not stingy with the heat.  We took our time getting suited up and then got into the water in White rocks, after George repaired a leak in my first stage.  My wife and I both wimped out after about ten minutes and walked over to the Abyss.   

            On Sunday we again arrived before 8:00 A.M.   This time we suited up to be warmer and went straight to the Abyss. The thing we liked best about Seabase was the staff, Linda, George, and Lynn.  They were helpful and friendly.  We also enjoyed the fact that we did everything at our leisure, we sometimes feel rushed on a dive boat.  I'm sure we would have enjoyed White rocks if we had dressed properly and dove there.  We plan to return to Seabase and I'm already recommending it to my friends.

Kent and Sylvia Hoskins

Idaho Falls, Id


Sent: Thursday, January 10, 2008 5:10 PM
To: info@seabase.net

Subject: Message to 2 very special people!!!


How can I ever thank the two of you for all the help you gave my husband, Mark, when he was out there last week and lost our little English Pointer, Bug!  The care, support, and friendship went way beyond anything we have ever experienced. 


Mark and the dogs made it home and are doing fine now.  But he is still raving about you two and all you did for him!   And the dive he took at your facility was awesome, too! 


We are hoping to get back there in the near future so he can try that again!  Only this time, I will be with him and we will be in better shape to enjoy all that your facility has to offer!


Until you are better paid, thanks again for all you did for Mark in a very desperate time of need!



Melanie Batenhorst


July '07:   Thanks again for the great time. We really enjoyed our dives and getting the chance to feed the fish. Alas, our high tech walmart disposable cameras didn't take the greatest photos (it couldn't have been my finger over the lens could it?) but we had allot of fun anyway.
I am looking forward to my next trip out that way so we can visit again.

Scott and Cory
Feedback July 2007:  Linda,
Just wanted to tell you THANKS FOR A GREAT TIME AND YOUR HOSPITILITY, you were such a wonderful host and Katy really enjoyed her time at the sea base. She ask before we got off the property if we could come again next year. We will see you nest year.
Thanks again for a wonderful experience and Lord bless... Kenny W. Wiggins

Divers Log - Feedback: I am from Oklahoma and have only dived in lakes so far. This was my first Salt Water Experience and enjoyed it a lot. This was a very cool place to dive for the fish would swim around you and look at you and wonder what kind of fish you were and what you were doing there. The staff was very helpful and made sure you had everything you needed to have an enjoyable dive experience. I would highly recommend this to anyone that enjoys diving. There is nothing like being underwater and doing so in the middle on Utah is an experience in itself. This is something that you can have in your log book and tell people you have dived in the middle of Utah. I will return when I get a chance. Thanks and did enjoy the dives. Randall June 23


2007Divers Log - Feedback: As a scuba instructor I firmly believe that preparing students for the real world of diving cannot be done in a hot springs nor in perfect conditions in the Carribean. True, the visibilty at Seabase isn't what it is like in the warm waters off Belize but neither is diving off either of our coastlines or any one of a dozen lakes within a couple hours drive of Salt Lake - all phenominal places to dive. I've experienced vis from 2' to 20'+ at Seabase which can be just as thrilling as "perfect vis"; take a navigation class! I cannot begin to tell you how many of my students have told me that certifying at Seabase made them better divers and made that first "perfect Carribean dive" even that much more enjoyable. Bonneville Seabase is a top-notch scuba training facility with a helpful staff and I will continue to tell everyone that I meet on international trips about it. Where else in the world can you hand-feed angel fish or pet 10' nurse sharks -- in the middle of a desert no less. Diver down!

Bill Brown

February 2007
Divers Log - Feedback: To the new divers out there. I would like to tell you about Seabase but the only thing that comes to mind is that it is one of the funniest things that I have done. As a new diver my self I would like to thank the staff at neptune divers and seabase, most importantly Bill Brown my teacher and Mary our dive con. They made my self and my son fill more then safe but taught us that diving is a great way to live- thanks a lot.

Robert Peat

September, 2006
Divers Log - Feedback: I was down in Sandy, UT on business and on my way back to Meridian, ID I stopped by for a look. Your algae bloom giving reduced visibility I thought was going to be disappointing. But I did enjoy myself; my only disappointment was that due to my trip my time was limited. I have advised family and friend to stop by when they get the chance. I do look forward to you getting the trolley for the other bay. Next time I will adjust my plans so I can spend more time there.

Chris Butterfield

August 2006 
Divers Log - Feedback: It rocked! my first salt water dive experience and it was in Utah! The nurse sharks are excellent and the sunken ship is a must see, as any sunken ship is. The staff was very friendly and helpful and I will be visiting again, I am sure

 Jen Allred

July 24, 2006



My kids and their mom and I all had a fun time at your place on Saturday.
My kids had never snorkled before, and they took to it well. That will make it easier when we leave for our vacation at the end of the month.

I also want to thank you guys again for finding my snorkle gear that I had left and bringing into SLC where I could easily pick it up today.

Thanks again,
David Madsen

June 2006


Eleven of my twenty-six dives have been at seabase, the rest in Bermuda and Hawaii. The visibility has varied from two feet to almost perfectly clear and I've never been disappointed. Jeff and the rest of the staff are great and always very helpful. It's not always easy to catch seabase when the vis is great, so I always call first to check. If you're around in the spring or fall when the temps change you have to visit this place. This seems to be the time of year when the vis is the best and you have to see it to believe it! (I have great pictures to prove it) Seabase is not Bermuda or Hawaii, but it's a great alternative for those of us that are land locked. My wife and I will continue to come out in the spring and fall, and every time we need to practice with new gear. See you again soon. Scott Cheney



Divers Log - Feedback: My husband & I have been there a few times and we totally loved it, we brought our 3 daughters and they also enjoyed it, my 9 yr old daughter is ready to scuba with us because of it. Linda and the whole staff were absolutely wonderful hosts and I have told anyone who will stand still long enough for me to tell, about this wonderful "sea" in the middle of Utah.

Michelle Alcorn
February 2006

Hi, I'm not sure if this is Seabase worthy but I thought why not! (It is very good-a jpg of an angel fish photograph from his dive in Seabase)
Nice description huh?  I'm not very good at naming the varieties yet.  You guys have put forth a lot of effort in making Seabase.  This is the most unique diving site I've ever been to.  It's like diving in Chicago's Shed Aquarium!!

Thanks for the memories.  I'm telling all my friends about you,

Steve Schiller
January 12 2006


I have been to your facility once when I was a boy scout. many years ago. I loved it soooo much that I put a spot on Google Earth about you. My placemark will reach millions, hopefully. I "borrowed" a picture of the nursing sharks and some other fish to add on to the placemark on the map. I hope you don't mind, but I am trying to let everyone know that your facility is one of the hottest spots in the west to scuba dive.


Divers Log - Feedback: We dove Seabase site this past weekend (1/15/06). The visability was under six feet. Three foot you could make out fish and people. Farther than that it was a shadow. It would have been a great dive had I planned to work on navigation. I'm sure the weather limited some of the visibility being a cloudy, snowy day. My wife decended then immediately came to the surface and got out. She was hoping for the ten foot visability. So that was money poorly spent. I did see four angel fish and the sharks. I got close enough to pet one of them. If it wasn't so far to travel I might try it again with better conditions. As far as a rating I would give it a three on a scale of one to ten. It is not the ocean but offers some interesting sites. The staff was very helpful and pleasant. 

Bob Beauregard

We just got into Scuba in Oct 2005 and have been to your facility 3 different days. There aren't too many places around here to get you scuba itch scratched in the middle of the winter. Your 70 degree water is a welcome site when its 27 degrees outside. We really enjoyed the fish. They were all around us with the anchovies and romaine lettace. The nurse sharks always make my eyes widen when I'm swimming along and come upon one. The puffer fish always put a smile on my face. No, its not the Carribean but its the closest thing to it for 1500 miles. Thanks for all you do and your staff is GREAT! We're coming back next weekend.

K. Stock
Burley, Idaho
December 2005



From: "Scuba Idaho" <scubaidaho@cableone.net>
Date: May 31, 2013, 15:31:22 MDT

Subject: Our recent visit to Seabase

We just wanted to drop a line and let you know we finally made it out to Seabase yesterday. After arriving the evening before and staying in the scamps (serious storm caused a little water leak) we got up the next morning and thoroughly enjoyed the place. Although we didn’t get to meet the nice folks who own Seabase, we did get to meet one of their staff who went out of his way to make our stay as comfortable and pleasant as he could! I would have to say he definitely represented himself and Seabase well! We really enjoyed the dives and the awesome wildlife at Seabase. This was my youngest son’s final dive trip, before he ships out to serve in the Army on Monday. The visibility wasn’t the Bahamas, but we didn’t expect it to be. The awesome fish and sharks made it more than worth the trip, even from Boise Idaho! My son particularly enjoyed the sharks and a very friendly stingray! We will wear our “I dove Seabase” T-shirts for a long time. We uploaded a video review highlighting facilities and our experience at the ScubaIdaho page. You can go directly to it here http://youtu.be/4vtec3LTNyQ Thank you for having us! We can’t wait to visit again and bring my daughter and wife with me this time!


October 5th, 2009

My wife and I were there this weekend with Bruce Cornwall (instructor) from Neptune Divers performing our Open Water Certification.  I just wanted to thank you for your passion toward scuba diving as it is reflected in the facility you have created.  It is amazing to think that a year-round salt water facility can exist in Utah but your passion has made it happen.  The facilities are very well thought out with convenient parking, a covered staging area to shelter from the environment, to the enclosed heated lounge where we can sit at tables and plan our dives/instruction in comfort.  The highlight however was the warm freshwater showers to warm up.  It was a shame that the visability was very low due to algae, however, on the instructional point of view, the experience performing those skills in a challenging environment is only more rewarding.  We saw lots of sea life while feeding the fish with romaine lettuce and also by laying still at the bottom.  We look forward to future visits at Seabase and additional Specialty courses at Neptune Divers.


Tony and Liz

Hi Linda,


Well summer is finally over. The kids are back in school. The sun is setting sooner and the mornings are getting cooler.

So, as I sum up the summer, our trip to seabase was at or near the top of the list.

In your defense, this was the best summer of all my 43 years.

I had read about your place in a magazine (possibly sunset). and ever since then I had been trying to figure out how I was going to justify a trip through the desert to seabase.

I got my chance when the woman I sold my car to lived in Ogden and wanted me to deliver it to her.

Your hospitality and enthusiasm was second to none, even though we arrived quite late during business hours, you made us feel relaxed and right at home.

Because we arrived so late, the clarity was not the best. But I have dived off of California in worse conditions.

All of the fish were amazing. the fact that they even survive outside of the ocean is in itself incredible.

The ones the most impressed me were the "mollies" I have never seen variants like the ones at seabase in my life!

Hats off to you for providing us with a wonderful experience, I want you to know I wear my t-shirts with pride. All eight of them 



Bill and Elizabeth   September 28, 2008

Hello Linda,


We had a fantastic time at Seabase; the kids can't stop talking about it. I'm looking forward to fundraising this summer and trying to get enough to cover certification for an afterschool dive club. I am wondering if you have the photos from our visit and if I could use them to promote my club to possible donors? I have a few from out dive experience at Neptune but was hoping we could get a few from Seabase.


I hope is all well and look forward to visiting on my one in a few weeks.





John Eyre
: June '07

Divers Log - Feedback: Got in six days over my day with you all. Visibility was 12' most of the time and the water temp was very good. The lower visibility helps to get closer to some of the fish, specially the nurse sharks and the puffer! It was also a very good surprise to see the school of tuna come out of nowhere and circle me at 15’. I am used to both ocean and lake diving. Your facility is good for training and testing out of equipment as well as just having some good fun on my way through Utah. I did not have the time on my way back through to do more, but I will put down the Seabase as a must too stop when I am on either US93 or I-15 from now on. Thank you Mary. Arizona


Divers Log - Feedback: Had a great time feeding the fish. Also the underwater "chamber" was cool. Definitly the best warm water diving, on a budget for anyone in the Nortwest. I recomend you to anyone on a buget from Spokane WA area. John Hayes PADI Dive master

John Hayes February 2007

Divers Log - Feedback: so check this out.. Me and my dive buddy just got back for seabase ..All i have to say is one thing..Awsome!!!!!! Even though we went when we knew the vis was very poor i still had one of the best times ive ever had diving.The people who work there and even the owner were just great and not only did they try to make our diving trip great they also made sure we had anything we needed.Thank you so much to all of you at seabase .We had a blast and cant wait to go back..Hope to hear from you ..Tim from colorado

Tim Beckwith

February 2007
Divers Log - Feedback: Jeff Moser and Lori Fox took me on my first scuba experience at Seabase in early Aug. It was awesome! Lori and Jeff really took the time to explain the equipment and safety features and made me feel really safe so I could concentrate on enjoying the dive. The fish were incredible, and it was really cool to dive with the sharks! My wife and I hope to come down in December and dive Seabase again! Thanks again Jeff and Lori!

- Mike Rand

August, 2006


Divers Log - Feedback: June 2 2006: First of many trips to the seabase to come. Going to the seabase is like a mini-vacation. We got off work at 2:00am and were diving by 10:00 am. The fish bring out a child like curiosity that clouds the fact that you are grown. Best 3 hour vacation I have ever had.

See you soon.

Jason Larsen

June 2006

Divers Log - Feedback: Last year I came out to seabase with my scout group. I had never snorkeled before and did on this weekend. I had a great time and because of the experience I am now finishing up dive certification.

My scouts had such a good time they can't wait to come back. We are hoping to come out in May 2005. We just need to set up the date so we can reserve a spot. We will be planning on camping over. The staff last time was wonderful. We look forward to coming out there many more times. Bill and Troop 1098 from American Fork.

Bill Brickey
March 28, 2005

My kids and I really enjoyed the SeaBase!  We'll be back.  Is the SeaBase a little less congested on Fridays or Mondays?  Everyone was great, I just enjoy smaller crowds and worry about my keeping track of my kids when we find ourselves near a scuba class or other large group. It's just a mom thing. How has the Sunday and Monday of Memorial Day weekend been in the past?  It's tough to make it a mid-week day given the travel to/from Idaho Falls, but we'll figure out how to get back. Thanks again to you and your great staff.

Catherine Plowman

I had a great dive there. It is certainly a unique place and will be one of the more interesting dives in my log book. I had some problems with my camera and wasn’t able to get the pictures I had hoped for, but enjoyed the time feeding and seeing the variety of fish there, especially the big nurse shark. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a cold rainy afternoon than diving in such an environment.

Chris Watson

(This is the first extortion letter we received)
I was thoroughly discussed (I think he meant disgusted) with our snorkeling experience at Seabase. I honestly feel ripped off. I do believe that we would have had just as much fun with a dozen night crawlers in a farmers' stock pond filled with bullheads.  Your website says that you can see down 8 feet right now. I was there, Sir, and that is a lie. That was a disgusting algae infested nightmare. If I had to do it over again I would have stolen your tortoise in order to get my monies worth. It is obvious that you are subsidized by the Government because no business would survive a week with that product. I will discourage anyone I know from wasting their time and money at your establishment and I will also be posting my opinion on every forum in and around Utah unless you are willing to give back some kind of restitution.

Jeff Heinen
South Dakota
(editors comment-he was here for hours, never said anything negative  -and asked to have their pictures taken with the above mentioned tortoise) 

Thank you for a very enjoyable day. My daughter and her two boys, 6 & 9 years old, came out to see your quite unique location. We had a great time feeding the fish while snorkling. i was able to get in a short solo dive around the grandchildren. They fed the fish and I took photos from down below. What fun! Thanks again.

Jerry Maling - Portland, Oregon
April 2006

I just wanted to thank you guys for a wonderful time! Everyone was friendly and knowledgeable. I forgot his name, but the young man that's been working there for about a year was particularly helpful. My friend had never snorkeled, and he walked him through it step by step to make sure he had a good experience. Staff went above and beyond my expectations. We were treated more like guests than customers; staff couldn't have been more hospitable.

Seeing the nurse sharks was incredible. We did bring romaine lettuce and fed it to the angels - they came right up to us, even chasing after us when we swam away with their lettuce!  What friendly little guys!

Thanks again for everything!


I lived in Utah for 4 years and first learned to dive at your location and now I am moving back to Utah and can not wait to start diving at your location again.

Kevin McCollin
April 30, 2005


Thank you Linda,....

Also, I want to let you know that Seabase is a really cool place to go diving. The sharks are amazing, and the fish in there are beautiful. They are truly amazing when they eat out of your hands and swim right next to your face. It is amazing!!

I am only up to my tenth dive, but five of those are at seabase. It is a beautiful place!!

Josh Tiffany
July 2005

I dove Seabase several years ago and found it interesting. Jeff from South Dakota has a point, as the visibility was very poor.  I, however never thought about stealing a tortoise.  I did voice my concerns because I drove all the way from Northern Montana and I was given a coupon to return for free.  I've probably lost the coupon by now, but I wouldn't mind going back again.  It was certainly more fun than a dozen nightcrawlers in a farm pond filled with bullheads.  Maybe I'm used to poor viz because I dive lakes on a regular basis but it certainly wasn't that bad.  Hey Jeff! If you want great viz and salt water, go to the carribean.  If not, where in the heck else can you swim with sharks in the middle of the freakin' desert?

Bill Garcia
June 21, 2005