Current Conditions: 3/19/2017

Current water Temperatures

White Rocks Bay 66 degrees

Habitat Bay 64 degrees

The Abyss 78 degrees

Current Visibility

White Rocks 7.5 +feet

Habitat Bay  7.5+ feet

The Abyss  10 feet if not kicked up

The Seabase water temperatures, having been cooler than last year, is warming up already, muntil a storm rolls in.  The visibility is nt quite good in either Habitat Bay or Whiterocks Bay.  We had  many strong cold winds recently, and all of the rain and snow from the last few days might be adding water to the aquafer, pushing it up in the springs..who knows, but we like the water.  The water was quite clear,  hopefully will improve quickly, so it is a good time to check your underwater cameras and dry suits...!

The fish that don't happen to be tuned into staying in the warm spaces are suffering-we have had some casualties -mostly the monos, but a few others.  We are in mourning for the fish-or at least are very sad- , and hoping for an end to the drought and the cold.  There are sstill thousands of live fish, but -we hate to lose any.

 Special Note to Guests:  mornings are better vis, partly because the bottom does not get kicked up, and the sun is more direct...

While  Seabase isn't the Bahamas, there is a lot of benefit to the ever changing conditions of  Seabase. As a diver, you always want to seek improvement in buoyancy, skill and confidence. Visibility, cool or warm water and wildlife change rapidly, sometimes day to day. Not only in  Seabase but also anywhere you dive. Seabase is a place to perfect your skills and see extraordinary wildlife. If you feel uncomfortable, please, feel free to talk to any of us, and we will help you! Make sure to check out the "News" section to see what else is happening!