Seabase is a popular location for Open Water Certification, specialty classes and Snorkeling classes year round. The warm water springs keep the water warm on the bottom, but in the winter months surface chilling makes wet suits necessary. Instructor services for Open Water referrals are available for your convenience. Certified and insured independent instructors are welcome.

Air fills, warm showers, gear rental and an area for discussion and gear setup, change rooms and a snack bar make Seabase very convenient.

SCUBA Update or Experience

$40 plus rental of SCUBA and/or snorkel gear and area use.  By pre-arrangement only.  Deposit of the $40 is required.

Open Water Diver Referral

$205. Includes 6 open water training dives, SCUBA gear, air fills, wetsuit, and C-card .  Student obligations include referral papers signed by class and pool instructor, swim suit, +$40 for area use for the two days and snorkel gear-(snorkel set can be rented for only $11/day, if necessary).

Nitrox classes

$190. Includes 2 class sessions, book kit, 2 open water Nitrox dives. Contact us to schedule the class.

Also Navigation, Limited visibility, Altitude Diver, Underwater Photography, Ecology Diver, and Rebreather.

Learn to SCUBA dive.

With Neptune Divers you will receive quality class room and pool training sessions before completing your 2 days of open water at Bonneville Seabase.

A discount is available to non profit groups for area use on Thursdays, Fridays, or Sundays.  They must be attended by competent and responsible adults.  They must make arrangements with us ahead of time, and make sure all minors under the age of 18 arrive with either a parent or Seabase waiver signed by parents.